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Hallmoeba Single-Switch Hall Effect PCB (5 units)

Hallmoeba Single-Switch Hall Effect PCB (5 units)

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Pre-assembled 1u PCBs with magnetic sensors ready to be used for a hand-wired analog mechanical keeb build. Check out the Breadboard Keypad Build Guide for a jump-start!

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  • Supports per-key addressable RGB lighting (SK6812MINI-E)
  • Each PCB is standard 1U size (19.05x19.05 mm) for easy alignment
  • The spacing of connections is breadboard-compatible (2.54mm pitch)
  • M2 mounting holes to secure PCBs together - ortholinear or 1/2 staggered
  • M2 mounting holes on the left and right of each row to mount a plate

Comes assembled in two ways

  • Base - Hall sensors, and decoupling capacitors 
  • Breadboard-ready - Also has male header pins soldered to each unique connection so you can just plug it into a breadboard

RGB LEDs do not come with any option.

Part information

  • Sensor - SLSS49E
  • Capacitors - 2x 100nF and 2x 10uF (0805) - one of each for the sensor and LED
  • Supported Addressable RGB LED -  SK6812MINI-E (same protocol as WS2812)

This open-source design is available, on GitHub, so feel free to modify the design or order from your favorite PCB manufacturer!


Customer Reviews

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Great service !

Very good from start to finish !

To explain, I'm French and delivery was only available in the United States, so I contacted the support team, who got back to me within the same day and added the option.
The delivery arrived after a week (minimum time indicated for a delivery in France), I didn't have to pay any additional costs on top of my purchase so the delivery company seems to take care of them (information not necessarily verified, my purchase was 35€).
The PCBs arrived in perfect condition and well protected.
I haven't tested them all yet, but the ones I've used work fine.

Thanks again for your responsiveness !